The To-o Nippo Press

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The To-o Nippo Press 

"To-o Nippo"-a familiar name for more than one hundred and thirty years.
The first newspaper in Aomori Prefecture was the"Hokuto Shinbun",issued in March 1877.It was discontinued after its 100th edition and was replaced by the"Aomori Shinbun" in March 1879.It was a group of people headed by Kuro Kikuchi,the founder of the To-o Gijyuku School,who secured the cooperation of influential figures throughout Aomori Prefecture in order to launch the To-o Nippo on December 6,1888.This was the first newspaper to cover the whole prefecture.At the outset,it served as a political organ promoting liberal democracy and anti-government views.However,from the Taisho Period onward it adopted an independent standpoint which it has steadfastly maintained ever since.Under the 1941 national policy of "one prefecture,one newspaper",five newspapers in Aomori Prefecture merged under the combined"To-o Nippo" masthead.The To-o Nippo name has remained unchanged for more than one hundred and thirty years-a claim which can be matched by few other newspapers in Japan.
A statistical look at the To-o Nippo.
・The number of copies printed per minute-2,083.
The To-o Nippo is printed by an offset printing system taking advantage of the nature that water and oil-based ink repel. The rotary press rotates at 34km/h and two presses run off 2,083 copies per minute.
・The Amount of paper rolls used per day-400 kilometers.
A newsprint paper roll measures 19.11 km in length by 1,626mm in width, and weighs 1,330kg. 17,500 copies of a 16-page newspaper are printed from one roll. Every day we use 21 rolls, which reach a total length of 400km. This is equivalent to the distance from Shin-Aomori Station in Aomori Prefecture to beyond Sendai Station in Miyagi Prefecture on the Tohoku Shinkansen.

・Number of employees-290.
To-o Nippo comprises a General Affairs Department,a Readers Department,a Readers Event Department an Editorial Writer's Office,an Editorial Department,a System Department,an Advertising Department,a Printing Department.There are 15 branch offices throughout the prefecture and beyond.About 290 employees work day and night shifts.Of these,about 80 are reporters.

・No. 1 circulation share in Aomori Prefecture
The To-o Nippo is the oldest and the most read newspaper in Aomori Prefecture. It is delivered through a network of 83 stores. The paper’s daily circulation is 205,000. The ratio (share) of the To-o Nippo to the total number of newspapers issued in the prefecture is 55%, far ahead of other papers. Share has reached 83% only in Aomori City, and this is unprecedented share in Japan.
Taking advantage of the latest technology.
Local readers are demanding information on an ever-increasing range of subjects.To-o Nippo makes use of the latest advances in technology in order to achieve its mission of providing up-to-the-minute and accurate news. Newspaper production is handled by the newest computer technology which connects a forming system, an image processing system, an advertising system, an output system, and a database system.
Advertising enhances the local lifestyle
In addition to its local and national news coverage,To-o Nippo carries plentiful advertising.This advertising has a direct bearing on To-o Nippo's readers'lifestyles and pocketbooks and is just as much a part of the newspaper as the news content.For this reason,and so as not to betray its readers' trust,To-o Nippo carefully checks all advertising before printing it in the newspaper.To-o Nippo's latest rotary offset printing system produces a superior quality color advertisement section,making the paper much more enjoyable to read.
Events which are meaningful for the citizens of Aomori
Utilizing its status as a news organization,the To-o Nippo Press sponsors a wide range of local events as yet another means of interface with its readers.These events include the "To-o Information Conference","To-o Children's Art Exhibition" and the "Miss Nebuta Contest",as well as go and shogi (Japanese chess) tournaments and various art and craft exhibitions.Such events cover the whole spectrum of social interests,ranging from sports to culture to education , and have attracted widespread interest both within Aomori Prefecture and further afield.
The To-o Nippo Press also issues a large number of publications."The To-o Yearbook",in particular,has been an indispensable source of information for people in the area since it first appeared in 1928.In addition,To-o Nippo consistently puts out a range of high quality publications,such as original works by local authors as well as compilations of popular features from the newspaper.
To-o Nippo publications can be obtained from the To-o Nippo Publishing Section or from bookstores throughout the prefecture.
The To-o Nippo Travel Center offers a wide variety of domestic and overseas trips that customers can enjoy with peace of mind, and our quality services have been well received.
Branch offices of the To-o Nippo Press
■ Main Branch:3-1-89 Dainitonya-machi,Aomori City,030-0180
■ Hirosaki Branch:3-4Kamishirogane-cho,Hirosaki City,036-8207
■ Hachinohe Branch:5-2-5 Kitahakusandai,Hachinohe City,039-1114
■ Goshogawara Branch:50-4 Hon-cho,Goshogawara City,037-0071
■ Tsugaru Branch:27 Uraku-machi,Kizukuri,Tsugaru City,038-3135
■ Kuroishi Branch:8 Kodaiku-machi,Kuroishi City,036-0352
■ Ajigasawa Branch:78 Hon-cho,Ajigasawa-machi,Nishi-gun,Aomori,038-2753
■ Towada Branch:7-2 Nishiniban-cho,Towada City,034-0082
■ Mutsu Branch:2-7-17 Kogawa-machi,Mutsu City,035-0071
■ Misawa Branch:1-3-24 Saiwai-cho,Misawa City,033-0011
■ Noheji Branch:369 Noheji,Noheji-machi,Kamikita-gun,Aomori,039-3131
■ Sannohe Branch:4 Zaifukoji-machi,Sannohe-machi,Sannohe-gun,Aomori,039-0132
■ Gonohe Branch:6-20Kumanosawakashira,Gonohe-machi,Sannohe-gun,Aomori,039-1515
■ Tokyo Branch:5F,Shokin Bldg.,8-11-5 Ginza,Chuo Ward,Tokyo,104-0061
■ Osaka Branch:14F 1-1,Osaka Ekimae Daini Bldg.,1-2-2-1400 Umeda,Kita Ward,Osaka City,530-0001
■ Sendai Branch:6F,Yamaguchi Bldg.,1-1-31 Ichiban-cho,Aoba Ward,Sendai City,980-0811